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National Emergency Responder & Public Safety Center™Certification, Training, and Supportive Services

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Emergency Responder & Public Safety Training

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Addressing the training needs of responders and public safety personnel.

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Family & Support Network Resources

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Training and resources in one location for responders' families and support networks.

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Clinician Certification

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Quality online training and certification for culturally competent and knowledgeable providers.

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Life doesn't come with an operations manual. There are times when our wellness and resiliency need to come first; then, we can continue serving others and taking care of our families. Sometimes all we need is a mental check-up, ensuring we are operating at our full potential. Sometimes we need a serious overhaul. Use our directory to find Emergency Responder and Public Safety Certified Clinicians™ near you, today. Look for the ERPSCC™ symbol associated with a clinicians’ name. You can also search for an American Board Certified Police and Public Safety Psychologist in your area by going to

National Clinician Directory

Find an Emergency Responder & Public Safety Certified Clinician

"Not all clinicians are created equal. You must find the right fit."

For information on selecting the right clinician for you

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Provide us with feedback on one of our certified clinicians. Positive or constructive, we want to know. We strive to provide quality education and experiential learning to ensure that our clinicians are ready to serve you. Your voice will be heard.

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Our Valued Partners

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If you would like to speak to a crisis counselor on the phone, there are several options, including:

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Safe Call Now: (206)-459-3020 or 1-877-230-6060

This confidential, comprehensive, 24-hour crisis referral service is for all public safety employees, all emergency services personnel and their family members nationwide.


Fire/EMS Helpline: 1-888-731-FIRE (3473)

Confidential and 24-hour, the Fire/EMS Helpline was created for first responders by members of the fire service. This program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of firefighters, EMTs, rescue personnel and their families.

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Copline: 1-800-267-5463

This resource is a confidential, 24-hour law enforcement officer hotline manned by retired law enforcement officers trained in active listening.

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Emergency Responder Crisis Text Line: Text "BADGE" to 741741

Colorado Emergency Responders: Connect with a trained crisis counselor via the Emergency Responder Crisis Text Line. This free, confidential service is available 24/7 for all emergency responders. We all struggle at times. If you are experiencing any crisis – work-related, substance use, depression, romantic, financial or any other – reach out by texting "BADGE" to 741741.