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Morale and Resiliency for First Responders (1 hr)

Course Length
1 hour
Continuing Education Credits

About this training

"The secret to life is not the avoidance of stress, trauma, or other negative things. It's the ability to use strategies which enhance mindset, morale, and resiliency to counteract and help us absorb the negativity." - Dr. Brower

This one-hour course, presented by Dr. Jaime Brower introduces the challenges to resiliency that emergency responders and public safety personnel often face. In this course, Dr. Brower teaches evidence-based strategies that you can implement to overcome these challenges, combat negativity bias, and ultimately boost your morale and resiliency. Dr. Brower, Psy.D., the founder and CEO of NERPSC, LLC and Jaime Brower Psychological Services and Consulting, Inc., is a board-certified police and public safety psychologist with 20+ years of service working directly with emergency responders, public safety personnel, and their families.

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