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Emergency Responder and Public Safety Clinician Certification (TM)

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About this training

All of the courses in the ERPSCC™, their associated quizzes, and the final assessment for the certification are virtual (online) and are intended to be completed at your own pace. You can start, rewind, stop, and restart each segment of each course at your convenience.


The certification program has 12 courses in total. The first three courses (16 hours in total) are currently available, as indicated below with an asterisk (*). We anticipate uploading 1-3 new courses each month. Our goal is to have all of the courses uploaded before the end of the year. If you started the available courses now and worked on each course as they become available, you should be able to complete the coursework early in 2021. Purchasing the certification now will allow you access to available courses and as new courses are added they will automatically become available to you in your learner profile on our site.


This product includes all 12 courses (40 CEs) required to complete the ERPSCC™.

The 12 courses included in the certification include:

*1. Overview of Working with Emergency Responders and Public Safety Personnel

*2. Functional Domains of Operation: Clinical, Assessment, Organizational, Operational

*3. Unique Stressors: Shiftwork, Finances, Secondary Employment, Media/Public Scrutiny, Social Unrest

*4. Critical Incident Preparation, Intervention, and Aftermath

5. Resiliency Practices & Wellness

6. Benefits & Barriers to Prescriptive Supports

7. Emergency Responder Health

8. Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & Aftermath

9. Recovery from Injury & Accommodations

10.Relationships & Family Dynamics (1st and 2nd Families)

11. Legal and Ethical Considerations

12. Preparation and Expectations for a Ride Along and Experiential Exposures

Certification Length
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