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Supportive Resources for Families

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Baby in police hat Family of those working in emergency services and public safety often wear an invisible uniform, serving with their responder from afar. While there is immense pride in their responder and some assurance that they are embedded within a larger family of support, there are also several challenges that responder families may face.

The National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Centerâ„¢ hopes to assist families through offering helpful articles, training, videos, webinars, and other supportive materials. We want to celebrate the good and provide support through the bad. We also believe that family and support networks are the backbone to emergency responders and public safety personnel throughout the country.

Message from the CEO:

CEO Family
- Jamie Brower, Psy.D, ABPP

"I'm incredibly proud to be married to a law enforcement officer and to be raised by a marine. I've dedicated my career to serving the emergency responder and public safety community because they truly are my family and I could not be more honored than to work with emergency responders and public safety families. Their resiliency in the face of adversity, the ability to handle the tough stuff and support of their loved ones is unsurpassed. There are many strengths, but there are also many challenges to being in a responder family. I offer supportive resources to the families of our emergency responders and public safety in recognition of an in gratitude for their often unrecognized and underappreciated service."

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