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Training and Supportive Resources for Responders and Agencies

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The work of emergency responders and public safety personnel is more than a job.  You don’t do it for the money, the benefits, the glory, or even for recognition.  You started it hoping to somehow make a difference, but you return every day for the brothers and sisters who stand beside you.  The work is important and noble, but is often accompanied by sleepless nights, long hours, crisis-driven unpredictability, excruciating pain, and incredible victories.  Though rewarding and impactful, these sacrifices may also create challenges for the health of your relationships, friendships, and even yourself. 


The National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Center™ is dedicated to providing valuable and relevant resources, training, and support to prepare and care for the brave men and women who boldly serve our communities, from hire through retirement.  Our training content is built by responders and qualified professionals who understand the unique challenges and struggles faced by public safety personnel.  Our trainings and resources will provide information and education to help you tackle the difficult topics, assist with overcoming challenges, and enhance your morale and resiliency. Trainings and resources will address a myriad of topics related to responders’ lives at home and at work. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please use our contact us form (link) to let us know of topics or information that you need. We use that feedback to inform the development of our programming and content.

We thank you for your service and are honored to support you.  



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