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The Emergency Responder Public Safety Clinician Certification™ (ERPSCC)™

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The Emergency Responder and Public Safety Clinician Certification™ (ERPSCC™) was designed to provide quality education to assist clinicians in developing their cultural and overall competence in working with emergency responders and public safety. In addition, the ERPSCC™ establishes a national standard through which licensed clinicians of all levels can be identified and recognized for their commitment to specialization in working with this population.

We acknowledge that there are many clinicians who self-identify as working with emergency responders and public safety and have done so for years. Their knowledge base has grown from experience in the field and the limited amount of educational content previously available. Ideally, our certification will allow the experienced clinician well-deserved national recognition and continued education that will enhance one's practice.

Learning is a lifelong journey and we hope to further your knowledge base, no matter your level of experience.


Clinicians who are already American Board Certified in Police and Public Safety Psychology (ABPPSP) and/or who have earned Diplomate status with the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology (SPCP) only need to demonstrate proof of their status with these organizations to be acknowledged as an Emergency Responder and Public Safety Certified Clinician™ and listed on our national registry. There is an administration fee of $50.00 and requirements must be met for maintenance of certification.

Certified clinicians will have discounted access to consultation services with subject matter experts in the field, to assist with difficult cases and ethical dilemmas. Some clinicians who specialize with this population may be the only ones in their practice or region who do so. We want to ensure that you have the resources you need.

It doesn't end with certification! We offer webinars, updates to our courses, and advanced learning from top experts throughout the country. Select the course that fits your needs and provide us with feedback for future courses.

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- Dr. Jamie Brower
CEO and Founder

"There is no greater honor than to serve those who serve and protect our communities. We must take this responsibility with the deepest level of seriousness and ensure, that as clinicians, we have gained the level of knowledge and experience required to effectively help our helpers and do no harm. This responsibility reaches all levels of clinicians across the nation. The National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Center acknowledges that there are many licensed clinicians, with various degrees, who have proudly served this community. We want your efforts to be acknowledged through our certification and we want to offer you the resources and mentoring to assist in your endeavors. Our online program offers ease of access for clinicians, quality educational content from experts in the field and resources to enhance your practice. There should never be a shortage of qualified mental health professionals to work with our emergency services and public safety personnel."

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